🌍👩🎨👨🏻🎨🎨🌎“Paint for the planet“!


Our project during the summer painting workshops is completed. Due to the climate change, the kids wanted to raise awareness for animals in need with their artworks. This time they didn’t paint their own pets. Their models were endangered species. There are so many. Probably some of these animals won’t exist anymore in a few years... when the young artists have grandchildren.


I was talking a lot with my students the last weeks. The kids are so well reflected and I am very grateful for every second we worked together. I have learned a lot and I know for sure: this powerful generation will guide our planet into a better world. Let’s help to make it come true, let’s give them all the support to create a place, where they can live safely in future.


„We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.“ ~ Chief Seattle


May we be conscious of this every day. 🙏


Many, many thanks to my lovely and talented kids and the parents for supporting us, giving me the permission to show the faces behind the artworks and the mums, who painted also, even my older students came back to join the project! And many thanks to all, who like what we do. I am thankful, no matter how sad and uncomfortable the story behind the project is.


Hope, you enjoy as much as I do: our viral exhibition is open now! 💜💫🌏🌈


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